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Rush Delta Upsilon

President's Message

Joining a fraternity is the best decision that a college student can make. It not only fills your college years with friends and fun times, but it teaches you all the life lessons that you can not learn inside a classroom. Since joining Delta Upsilon my sophomore year, I have had the most enjoyable times of my life, but also learned incredible real world skills. The ability to work with others, leadership experience, time management, communication, all things that I have learned through my Fraternity, have been instilled for use in my professional career. Delta Upsilon also prides itself on the diversity of its brotherhood. People from all different backgrounds and cultures come together in Delta Upsilon to create a unique and strong brotherhood.

Our History

The University of Central Florida chapter of Delta Upsilon was established on March 25, 1995 based on the four founding principles of the international fraternity: 

  • the promotion of friendship
  • the development of character 
  • the diffusion of liberal culture
  • the advancement of justice