The History of the Central Florida Chapter of Delta Upsilon

While officially Delta Upsilon became a chapter on March 24 & 25 1995, the history of DU at the University of Central Florida actually dates back to the late 1980s.

 Bringing DU to UCF

 In 1988 Brother Paul Rosenthal, Florida '73 a member of the DU Board of Directors and a resident of Orlando, FL approached the full Delta Upsilon Board of Directors and the Greek Affairs Office (now known as the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life) of UCF with the idea of expanding DU to Central Florida.

 While now it is obvious that Delta Upsilon can thrive at the University of Central Florida, in the beginning it was not an easy sell. Brother Rosenthal was required to convince the Fraternity Expansion committee that the University of Central Florida was an ideal spot for Delta Upsilon despite the fact that at the time:


      UCF only had 9 fraternities, half of which were less than 10 years old and had less than 50 men.
      UCF was a school that was established 129 years after the Fraternity
      UCF was a school that was more than 80% commuter

However, the DU expansion committee realizing that successful chapters are based upon the men in the chapter and the alumni that support them agreed to expand to the University of Central Florida.

 In order to show the University that Delta Upsilon would have the support of local Alumni several brothers stepped forward and agreed to assist in the expansion of UCF including:

              Alan Pascale, Florida '80
              George Powell, Florida '75 
              Timothy Schulte, Florida '85
              Greg Reis, Florida '78
              Terry Delahunty Jr., Florida '77
              Joseph Amos, Jr., Florida '87
              David Legman, Florida '83
              Dr. Halsey Jones, Jr., Virginia '54

It was the decision of the Interfraternity Council in 1989 that the Fraternity Community should expand their numbers by three (Inter)national fraternities, adding colonies of ACACIA in 1990, FIJI in 1991 and Delta Upsilon in 1992.


Colony Established

 With the approval of the expansion committee of Delta Upsilon and UCF, Delta Upsilon Headquarters staff members, Brother Joel Riley and Mike Lamb came to UCF to establish a group that would become the Central Florida Colony of Delta Upsilon.

 On January 23, 1992 fourteen men gathered together established the Central Florida Colony. These gentlemen included seven brothers that make up the Founding Fathers of the Central Florida Chapter, one brother from the Florida Chapter, and six men who began with the colony but did not become brothers of Delta Upsilon, each are designated below:


Founding Fathers:

      Aaron Clevenger, Central Florida '97 (first person to accept his bid)
      Chris Garcia, Central Florida '98
      Ron Jenkin, Central Florida '95
      Kevin Mueller, Central Florida '95 (The Colony's First President)
      Brian Russell, Central Florida '95
      Stephen Sams, Central Florida '95
      Shawn Smith, Central Florida '97

Florida Brother:

      Gene Devaney, Florida '93

 Other men who assisted with our founding (but were not initiated):

      Tom Carter
      Scott Crater
      Patrick Guilfoy
      Ted Kitchens
      Dale Newfield
      Guy Richardson
 Chapter Installed


From 1992 until 1995 the Colony set out to meet the standards of Delta Upsilon. After recruiting 45 men and meeting each of the initiation requirements the Chapter was approved at the January 1995 Board of Directors Meeting.

 The instillation of the Chapter, which was lead by Joshua Katz, Central Florida '97 (The first president of the Chapter) was termed a "Weekend of Brotherhood". Held on March 24 with Rite I at the University Dinning Room (Now the Live Oak Room) and Rite II on March 25th, which was held at the Health & Physics Building (now MAP) took a weekend of brotherhood and made it a brotherhood, which will last a life time.