Our Foundation

On November 4, 1834, 30 men entered the Freshman Recitation room of Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, as friends. They emerged as brothers. Ever since that moment Greek Life has never been the same. 
From its very beginnings Delta Upsilon strived to be something different. Our founding fathers decided to create this society to maintain social equality, peaceful conduct and high moral principles. It was designed for the intellectual stimulation and literary improvement of its members, without resorting to the veil of secrecy. Secrecy they decided, was unnecessary when its members were of the highest moral character.
When thinking of a name for their society the men came up with: The Social Fraternity (later changed to Delta Upsilon).  Social didn't refer specifically to entertainment events, as many fraternity men mistakenly believe it today. It meant an interest in life's interactions among people, and how society would better itself through group action. 

Delta Upsilon UCF

With over 150 Chapters in the United States and Canada, Delta Upsilon is stronger than ever. Our chapter in particular is one of the younger chapters compared to the founding chapters of Delta Upsilon. Our chapter, here in Central Florida, was founded on March 25, 1995. Since that moment in time we have continued to grow as on of the strongest brotherhoods on campus. 
We constantly strive to be better men by following our four founding principles: 
- The Promotion of Friendship
- The Development of Character
- The Diffusion of Liberal Culture
- The Advancement of Justice
We also continue to stick to our non-secret and non-hazing policy, which we find keeps us unique from the other fraternities.
With all of this said, we definitely still have a lot of fun, as you can see from some of our videos posted on this website. Although we have no secrets, you still can never know what our brotherhood is like without being a part of it.